Week 3 Is Here- Another Sunday of NFL Football is fast approaching with Week 3 already underway. The Kingshark line is also off to a blazing start thanks to Kansas City's 26-16 win over Philadelphia Thursday Night. What's big about this game is that the Kingshark Line for the second straight week just missed nailing the final score exactly by taking the Chiefs 26-17. Last weekend the Packers hammered the Redskins 38-20 with the KSL going 34-20 Packers. This is not to say or even claim that this is a common occurrence. In fact, getting the score exactly is somewhat rare. The idea with the scores is to just give some insight on how teams are trending and also based on team info that is readily available to anyone. The concept is also ofcourse just to have fun with the games as a whole. Last week the KSL was 13-3 and with the Chiefs win Thursday night is now a composite 25-8.

Though the first two weeks of the season the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have emerged as the early power brokers in the league. Green Bay could be 2-0, but at 1-1 they will only get better as the seasons goes along. Houston at 2-0 knows without a few late breaks they could be 0-2. New England is a very pedestrian 2-0. Right now the Patriots don't look like a power but keep in mind it's only two games, and if they can be 2-0 despite less than stellar play, what happens when the hit their stride? Chicago is 2-0, but will have to deal with Green Bay soon enough. Miami is a very good story at 2-0 with a young team that will be fun to watch all season. Cincinnati is 1-1, but played two rather impressive games. Atlanta is a very tough 1-1, they'll get better. New Orleans is 2-0 and playing under the emotion of having Sean Peyton back behind the sidelines. The Saints will be a team to watch. The 49ers are at 1-1 with a thrill ride win and a humbling blowout loss to an arch rival. The 49ers have a lot to prove to themselves and their fanbase which should be plenty of motivation for them to do well. The New York Giants are 0-2 which means "Watch Out". The last time the Giants  started 0-2, they went on to win the Super Bowl. With two weeks in the books, let's take a look at the Kingshark Line for Week 3 starting with the early games Sunday...

Houston@Baltimore- A good hard hitting match up against two teams who could potentially meet again in January. The Texans have won two games in a row on the very last play. The Ravens after a bad loss in Denver were able to take care of business in their home opener vs the Browns. The Ravens offense had their struggles last week as the Browns defense did all they could to keep the Baltimore attack to a minimum. Houston will have the challenge of taking on a Ravens defense that should have new confidence because of last week plus being at home. This game looks like a toss up on paper. A match this close tends to favor the home team. Baltimore takes a close one. Ravens 20 Texans 17.

NY Giants@Carolina- The New York Giants are 0-2. Now they have the rest of the NFL exactly where they want them. A false sense of security. That's what the Giants like this early in the year. Seriously, no team intends to start 0-2, not even the Giants. The Giants are a good football team that last week lost an emotional brother vs brother Week 2 match up. In their opener, they played what in essence turned out to be their fifth pre-season game in Dallas. Meanwhile Carolina has lost two games they just as easily could have won. Carolina is mad and should be. The problem is that the Giants are P.O'ed, and when that happens other teams tend to pay for it. Giants 23 Panthers 13.

Green Bay@Cincinnati- A game that could by days end be the "Barn Burner" of the day.  Two high octane offensive units going at each other, challenging the opponents defensive units at every turn. If you watch this game have fun with it. Madden 14 won't hold a candle to this match against two teams who have the potential to gain over 400 total yards on each other. This game will come down to has the ball last and what they can do with it. It's Aaron Rogers vs Andy Dalton. On experience I have to go with Rogers, but would not be shocked to see Dalton come out on top either. Another coin flip. Rogers gets the game back the Packers lost in San Francisco by a hair. Packers 34 Bengals 31.

St Louis@Dallas- Through two games the St Louis Rams have played two very physical contests and have earned a split in defeating Arizona before dropping a tough one in Atlanta. The Cowboys were the beneficiaries of the Giants fifth pre-season game in week one before just falling short last week in Kansas City. Tony Romo is still very mistake prone. Sam Bradford makes his share of mistakes too. The difference, Bradford tends to learn more and comes out better for it. He has Head Coach Jeff Fisher to thank for that. Romo has Jason Garret to blame. The Rams also seem to have the tougher of the two defenses. The Cowboys are a mediocre team in disguise of a good one. The Rams are a little better than mediocre. Rams 27 Cowboys 20.

Cleveland@Minnesota- The Vikings have opened the season with two very tough losses to NFC North Division opponents. The Vikings last week were within eight seconds of beating the Bears in Chicago. Cleveland meanwhile is a solid 0-2 with a home loss to the Dolphins who easily pulled away in the second half. Last week in Baltimore the Browns stayed with the Ravens but could not score. The Vikings are home and their fans are ready. The Vikings will be ready too. Vikings 24 Browns 10.

Tampa Bay@New England- The Patriots are 2-0 despite playing well below the level they are capable of. Tampa Bay is 0-2 after two losses by a combined three points, and would be 1-1 if not for a boneheaded play towards the end of the Jets game in Week 1. The Patriots right now are in early season mode and don't seem to be too worried despite the sluggish start. Tampa simply should have at least one win right now and will regret not getting that after an 0-3 start. Patriots 27 Buccaneers 13.

Arizona@New Orleans- The Saints have taken the emotion of Sean Peyton's return and have rode that to two rather tough yet impressive wins. The Cardinals meanwhile are 1-1 after two struggles against the Rams and Lions. The Saints may not have the same firepower of a few years ago when they won SB 43, however they have the same will and desire to win starting with Drew Brees who's passion for the game is infectious. Carson Palmer is playing much better after escaping the Silver and Bleak. Again another good match up. The Saints are in their dome and always perform at their best with over 70,000 of their fans at their side. Saints 30 Cardinals 23.

San Diego@Tennessee- The Chargers and Titans are two teams that probably will be home when January roles around. They are both housed in very tough divisions with very heavy favorites on top of these divisions. Both teams will be battling up hill all season long. The Titans however have actually looked very good in their first two game in shutting down Pittsburgh, and taking Houston to the final play with both games being on the road. The Titans are glad to be back in Nashville. The Chargers had a rather impressive win in Philadelphia as Phillip Rivers had a field day against a rather poor looking defense. The Titans defense will be better. Jake Locker at QB for Tennessee is still learning. However Locker always gets back up after getting knocked down and goes at it harder the next time around. Titans in another close one. Titans 27 Chargers 24.

Detroit@Washington- The Lions and Redskins meet just outside of DC Sunday. The one place on the road the Lions have historically had the toughest time is DC. Detroit all time is 4-22 playing the Redskins at Washington. This may play into this game and it may not. The Lions impressed in their opener with a big comeback on the Vikings before losing a very winnable game at Arizona. The Redskins have looked awful in their first two games and if not for garbage time scores it would be much worse. The Redskins are desperate for a win and to find themselves. RGIII is a solid QB but truthfully I'd be worried about his health as his offensive line has failed to protect him. Matthew Stafford meanwhile has experienced the same problems yet the Lions have found ways to stay in games just long enough. The Redskins simply appear to be a team in more trouble. This one will be a closer game. Lions 27 Redskins 23.

Atlanta@Miami- The Dolphins are 2-0 after rather impressive wins at Cleveland and Indianapolis. Miami is a young team that looks to have some good potential and will compete all season long. Atlanta meanwhile has played two tough and bruising games against the Saints and Rams. The Falcons are perceived to be a power in the NFC and are a team that plays as hard as anyone in the league. The challenge for the Dolphins despite being at home will be to keep up with the best team they've seen yet in the early season. If the Dolphins can get the jump early on the Falcons, the heat and humidity of the Miami air may do the rest. The Falcons have injury problems too. Miami is a home underdog despite that which is why I like them even more this week. Dolphins 24 Falcons 17.

Buffalo@NY Jets- The Jets and Bills match up as old in-state AFC East matchup. The two teams each hope they can do enough to perhaps challenge New England later in the season. Each team has a tough win and a tougher loss under their belt, both losses by the Jets and Bills being to the Patriots. Geno Smith has shown in two games he is up to the task and has shown no fear in getting into the pocket. E.J. Manuel has done the same for the Bills. This actually looks like this could be a very quietly good football game between two rivals who want the same thing, respect. The Jets here just maybe playing with a little more emotion  given that the team has rallied around Head Coach Rex Ryan. Even if both of these teams are home in January, they will still entertain at least for tomorrow. Jets 24 Bills 21. Note: If the game was in Buffalo, I would have gone with the Bills. It's that close.

Jacksonville@Seattle- This will be the NFL's version of Florida A&M at Ohio State, or Nichols State at Oregon. It may not end 76-0, and even the Seahawks by the fourth quarter will have called off the dogs and give the second stringers playing time. The only good news here for Jaguars fans is that the game is 3,000 miles from Jacksonville and they can always turn off the TV. Most will be off by halftime there if not sooner. Seattle last week let the league know what they're all about. Enough said here. Seattle by default...Seahawks 37 Jaguars 6.

Indianapolis@San Francisco- The 49ers are seeking redemption for themselves after a horrible showing in Seattle. The good news for the 49ers is that the Seattle trip is now officially "out of the way." The bad news is that there will be much work to do if they don't want to go back there in January. The 49ers cannot play any worse than they did last Sunday unless they quit on themselves. Under Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, that simply won't happen. The 49ers just need to exhale and then play 60 minutes of solid football and have fun while doing it. They are certainly more than capable of that. The Indianapolis Colts are 1-1 and playing their first road game of the season. Patrick Willis, NaVarro Bowman and Company will have the challenge of keeping Colts QB Andrew Luck at bay. Meanwhile, the 49ers offense needs to find their running game and get more receivers involved. Colin Kaepernick can improvise with the best of them, but even he clearly needs help too. This will be a close game too. I look for the Colts to over the spread, but the 49ers to play with the bigger chip on their shoulder. 49ers 31 Colts 26. For a preview of this game, click here: http://goldengatereport.com/articles/week-3-49ers-look-to-rebound-against-the-colts-at-candlestick

Chicago@Pittsburgh (SNF)- The Bears and the Steelers are this weeks Sunday Night matchup between two teams going in different directions. The Bears have looked impressive in their ability to move the football when it matters most in two very close home wins versus the Bengals and Vikings. Pittsburgh on the other hand has just looked awful especially on offense and their 0-2 star is no accident. The Steelers need to get going here especially in front of the home faithful. Ben Roethlisberger has had two bad games in a row. However at the same time please give a good deal of credit to the Titans and Bengals defenses who showed how good they can be too. The Bears have the challenge of taking the success of their first two games and translating it a hostile environment. Even NBC wants a close game too after last week (enough said about that). The Steelers are desperate and will have to do whatever it takes to beat the upstart Bears. Steelers in nail biter because they need it more. Steelers 17 Bears 16.

Oakland@Denver (MNF)- Another classic AFC West is featured on Monday Night Football as the Raiders travel to Denver to meet the Broncos. After two games, the Broncos look like the "Gas House Gang" of football with more than convincing wins against the Ravens and Giants. The Raiders have been very respectable in a season where many (including myself) thought they were going to be just "gawd awful". To cut to the chase, the Broncos are probably the most potent offense in the NFL right now and it would be difficult for any defense not named Seattle to stop them (and they would probably give the Seahawks a run for their  money too). Simply put with Peyton Manning, Wes Welker and Company, the Raiders defense will have their hands full in what could be a long evening. I do however expect Oakland to make the game somewhat respectable and throw some challenges Denver's way. Terrelle Pryor in two games has shown he very capable and not afraid of a challenge. He will certainly have one here. The Broncos will take this one, but the Raiders will probably stick with them well into the second half and make a rather decent showing. Broncos 38 Raiders 27.

*Mandatory Disclaimer: The Kingshark Line is stickily for entertainment purposes only. I have the same exact information that anyone else has and do not claim to know any more or less than the next guy. This is not to promote or encourage gambling on football or any other sport. No point spreads are played here or implied in anyway. Scores are for entertainment purposes only and are only based on team trends, team reports, etc. There is no inside information given here or implied. This is just for your information and entertainment. Enjoy the games.


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