NFL Week 1 Taking a look at Sunday's and Monday's upcoming contest ... through the eyes and thoughts of "The Kingshark Line"... (Disclaimer: the predicted scores are simply based on how the game may potentially go, and are not used for the purpose of betting against point spreads. This is just straight up wins/losses, and NOT to insinuate any gambling information).

New England @ Buffalo The good news for Buffalo is that if the Bills win this game it will be a great confidence booster. It all depends on whether or not Bills rookie QB EJ Manuel can outplay Tom Brady. Brady doesn't think so. Neither does the Kingshark Line... Patriots 38 Bills 23

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh The Steelers are traditionally tough on the Titans in Pittsburgh. With the Ravens losing Thursday, the Steelers see an early opening. Both teams are coming off somewhat mediocre seasons. Steelers are looking to rebound from going 8-8 last season. They should win a close one at home... Steelers 20 Titans 17

Oakland @ Indianapolis  Colts QB Andrew Luck probably wont follow his predecessor by throwing seven TD's. Then again, he wont have to either. The Raiders will have their own "Quest for Six" campaign going as in six wins. In this game, it will be more of a quest of six points. It will be a long season for the Silver and Bleak ... Colts 30 Raiders 6

Minnesota @ Detroit This should be a good match up between traditional NFC North Division rivals to start the season. The Vikings have Adrian Peterson and a team looking to improve on a Wild Card appearance from last season. The Lions are trying to regain respectability for a team that posted it's first winning record in 10 years in 2011, only to slide to a losing record again in 2012. The Vikings just seem to have a little bit more going for them... Vikings 23 Lions 17

Miami @ Cleveland The Dolphins are looking to break through and regain respectability for a franchise that has missed it's former winning ways. Miami made some great additions to their roster as did Cleveland. In a game that may not seem much to some, this maybe a contest that is determined by who has the ball last...and what they are able to do with it... Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden are a coin flip...  Dolphins 19 Browns 16

Cincinnati @ Chicago The Bengals and the Bears are teams with hopes of doing enough to get to the post season, and then doing more once they get there. First they have to deal with each other before taking on the rest of their schedules. Cincinnati is generally not known for fast starts while the Bears seem to be lousy finishers. Marvin Lewis, entering his 11th season as Bengals coach takes on Mark Trestman in his first NFL Head coaching assignment. Both rosters are just about equal. Trestman just may have a few surprises up his sleeve ... Bears 27 Bengals 24

Atlanta @ New Orleans Sean Peyton returns to the Saints sidelines after a one year ban, and his team could not be happier. The Saints look to put "Bountygate" behind them and get down to he business of controlling the NFC South again. Meanwhile the Atlanta Falcons who finished 15 yards short of reaching last year's Super Bowl are out to quietly move up the ranks of the NFC again. The Falcons man for man have as good a roster as anyone, however for the Saints this is an emotional one (especially at home) ... Saints 31 Falcons 24

Tampa Bay @ New York Jets The Geno Smith era begins in New York. How long it will last is anyone's guess. Also baring some insanely improbable fluke, this is also likely the beginning of Rex Ryan's swan song as the Jets head coach. Meanwhile you haven't heard much from Tampa Bay, which for the Buccaneers is a good thing. Darrelle Revis returns to East Rutherford in Tampa Bay gear... Bucs 20 NY Jets 13

Kansas City @ Jacksonville Former 49ers QB Alex Smith makes his debut for the Chiefs. Andy Reid also makes his debut as the Chiefs Head Coach after 12 years in Philly. This game is basically a battle of two teams that are projects. The Chiefs are much further along on their project that are the Jaguars. Blaine Gabbert may want to call AFLAC before the game starts ... Chiefs 20 Jaguars 10

Seattle @ Carolina Some see Seattle as a potential Super Bowl team, and they very well could be. They are one of the NFL's more loaded teams, and thanks to national TV not that much of a secret anymore. Carolina and Cam Newton are looking to rebound from a bad 2012 campaign that was a tough watch for Panthers fans. The good news is that the Panthers are improved. The bad news, the Seahawks roster is just that much deeper all the way around ... Seahawks 34 Panthers 23

Arizona @ St Louis The Carson Palmer era beings in Arizona. So does the Bruce Arians era too. This could either go very well, or not. Admittedly for Palmer anything after Oakland has to be better. The Rams meanwhile have one of the younger rosters in the NFL, however they don't play like it. Head Coach Jeff Fisher is famous for getting a roster to believe and play above it's potential. Last year the team bought in and gave every team they played a hard time (just ask the 49ers). QB Sam Bradford at 25 is one of the veterans of this young team. The Rams have one edge over the Cardinals, familiarity within their roster. It matters... Rams 24 Cardinals 20

Green Bay @ San Francisco This matchup could turn out to be the weekends best game. Both teams possess potent offenses and strong defenses. 49ers have the better depth on both sides of the ball (not by much, but just enough). Colin Kaepernick out-duels Aaron Rogers again in a potential barn burner ... 49ers 34 Packers 27 ... for a preview of this game please go to this link ...

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys Sunday Night football returns to "Jerryworld" as the Giants and Cowboys renew old acquaintances. Eli Manning looks to lead the Giants back to the post season where all he does is lead them to championships. The Cowboys are led by Tony Romo who has found out first hand that the pressure of being the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback is like no other. With all four NFC East teams considered to be just about even, the Cowboys appear to be the so called "sexy" pick. In their careers, only two things separate Manning from Romo, two titles, and making more big plays than turnovers with games on the line late ... Giants 27 Cowboys 23

Philadelphia @ Washington (Monday Night Game 1) The Eagles and Redskins just like their other division rivals above kick off the 2013 season against each other. Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly takes over the helm in Philadelphia after Andy Reid's 12 year tenure. The Eagles have Michael Vick as their starter, and a ton of questions afterward. Meanwhile Robert Griffin III (aka RG III) returns behind center for the Redskins who are looking to improve upon last season's post season appearance. Washington's hopes for a successful season are squarely pinned on Griffin's health. If he stays healthy, they can go far. If he gets hurt, times may get tough fast. Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan has been around long enough to be impressed by a new coach such as Chip Kelly on the other sideline. Though he maybe impressed in his credentials, he wont be phased by them. Neither will the Redskins... Redskins 34 Eagles 29

Houston @ San Diego (Monday Night Game 2) The second game of the ESPN annual season opening Monday Night double header features the Houston Texans taking on the San Diego Chargers. The Texans have slowly and steadily climbed amongst the ranks of the top teams in the AFC and probably this season are quietly the best team in the AFC not named the Broncos. Meanwhile in San Diego, new Head Coach Mike McCoy and new General Manager Tom Telesco have the unenviable task of cleaning up a huge mess left behind by former Head Coach Norv Turner and General Manager AJ Smith. Of the two, Smith by far and away left the Chargers in ruins with poor draft picks and allowing talent to leave because of personal issues he had with them. Smith's damage could take years to repair. How does this play into this game, the same way it will play all season long for the Chargers. Not well... Texans 34 Chargers 17

And don't forget the Kingshark Line's Guarantee...

"If my picks are not right, that is because they are wrong!!!"  the Kingshark ...

(Note: Again, this is for entertainment purposes only, not an excuse to run to Las Vegas or to be used to bet against point spreads. So enjoy the article and this weekends games. If you have to go to Las Vegas, at least check out Chris Angel and/or Carrot Top. Your money is better spent and you'll be better entertained) ...

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