49ers In Deep Slump Fall Hard Again- The 49ers may want to consider putting their famous post game signature chant in mothballs for awhile, perhaps maybe for the rest of the season. For the second straight week the 49ers simply were dreadful offensively as they fell to the Indianapolis Colts 27-7. There is no way to spin this, the 49ers who went all the way to football's ultimate game last season are looking like a team that has fallen into complete disarray. 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh in the post game news conference summed it up  by simply stating the 49ers "..didn't make plays." This marks the first time in Harbaugh 's tenure the team has lost consecutive games and maybe the first time since the Singletary era that the 49ers were blown out in consecutive weeks. The news for the 49ers aside from the loss does not get any better as Patrick Willis left the game in the 3rd quarter with a groin injury. His status for Thursday at St Louis is unknown. Vernon Davis who injured his hamstring in Seattle last weekend did not play. His status for this Thursday is also unknown. The 49ers offense in two games has scored a grand total of 10 points. This hasn't happened since weeks four and five of the 2007 season. Now the 49ers have only a short period of time to try and get that problem resolved before this Thursday Night's game against the Rams in St Louis. It was also Colin Kaepernick's first home loss at Candlestick Park as a starter as he was 13 of 27 passing for 150 yards with one more interception.

All Colts after the 1st Quarter- The two teams traded touchdown drives in the first quarter as Trent Richardson, who was acquired from Cleveland Wednesday scored on a one yard run capping a seven play 80 yard drive as the 49ers defense struggled out the gate. Later the quarter the 49ers would answer with their only scoring drive of the day which went nine plays for 91 yards. The final 13 yards were covered by Kendall Hunter's touchdown run which tied the game at 7-7.  Frank Gore who had his biggest game of the season with 82 yards rushing on the day had a 21 yard run in this drive. In the second half he had just three carries for 12 yards. From that point the rest of the game would just prove to be another long day for the 49ers. The 49ers offense would never seriously threaten the Colts again for the entire game after the first quarter.

The Colts strung together two field goal drives in the second and third quarters to carry a 13-7 lead into the final period. With 49ers down just six points the game was still within one score and very winnable if the offense was able to just get going. They could not as the Colt defense just had their way with 49ers offense line which tired out as the game wore on. On the day the 49ers punted seven times as they had several possessions which resulted in three and out series. Again it just seemed that the 49ers either did not make enough halftime adjustments or whatever adjustments they tried to make not only did not work but failed miserably.

Andrew Luck, who returned to the Bay Area for the first time as an NFL QB, was 18 for 27 on the day for 164 yards passing. Luck led an 11 play 80 yard drive and scored the touchdown on a six yard bootleg that more or less iced the game with a six yard run the put the Colts up 20-7. Just moments later the Colts would increase the lead to 20 after the disjointed 49ers offense fumbled away their next possession. The Colts would score again on an Ahmad Bradshaw one yard run to help clear out Candlestick before the final gun.

After the game it was reported that several of the 49ers players were just staring at their lockers, some still in full uniform up to 30 minutes after the game ended. The team was clearly and visibly upset as it may have become apparent complete disarray had set in. Clearly there are issues with this team that the 49ers may not be able to disguise much longer.

Aldon Smith's Situation- The situation going on with Aldon Smith and a DUI early this week certainly has not helped matters at all. Smith played Sunday but as with many 49ers in the game he was simply a non-factor. After the game it was announced that Smith was going to take an indefinite leave of absence from the team and enter a treatment facility. It is also possible that Smith could face a suspension of an indefinite nature as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is known for his zero tolerance of such issues as DUI's. To say the 49ers did not need this is a gross understatement.

Soul Searching- The 49ers are 1-2, and if not for some huge plays late against Green Bay in week one could easily be 0-3. Make no mistake, this team looks like they are in trouble. With the number of injuries and the 49ers seemingly incapable of making needed adjustments to help the offense become more efficient (which in turn would help the defense too) the 49ers are going to need to find answers to hard questions. They will need to do this hard task rather quickly too. As a team the 49ers may need to regroup and start over. They will have a short week before facing the Rams in St Louis Thursday Night. It maybe week 4 but the 49ers are clearly now in a "must win" situation if they want to avoid a 1-3 start. Last season the 49ers failed to beat the Rams in two tries tying St Louis at Candlestick before later losing on the road in overtime. If the 49ers fall to 1-3 and you look at the rest of the schedule and they way Seattle is playing, the NFC West will be gone quickly and a return to the post season may be highly unlikely too. Maybe a little soul searching as is the case with Aldon Smith will need to be done by the entire team. That would be a good start going forward. It may be what they need to do to turn this around before the season starts to get away from them too. A Super Bowl is never won on Weeks 2 or 3, but any chance of getting back there for now certainly could be. Two words for the 49ers on Monday..."Soul Searching". The time to do that is right now.

The Kingshark