Sunday Bloody Sunday- To state the obvious, Sunday was about as tough a day as any day could be for the 49er faithful. It was not just losing to the Seahawks in Seattle for the second straight season, but also getting run out of the stadium as the 49ers were just totally outplayed by the better team on this day as they were nine months earlier. The 49ers do not have to apologize for who they are and neither do their fans. Likewise, Seattle has nothing to apologize for either, and neither do their fans. Let's be clear about Sunday. First off, the Seahawks won fair and square, decidedly and hands down. The contest ceased to be close in the second half when Seattle pulled away from the 49ers and did it somewhat easily. If you are a Seahawks fan, you have every right on earth to be proud of your team and frankly you should be. The Seahawks earned the game Sunday and played a strong game (maybe not a flawless game, but a strong game to be certain). I still feel Russell Wilson has some things to prove, but I will grant you that he clearly works hard and gives the Seahawks a chance to win every Sunday. Russell Wilson is a game changer and a play maker to be certain.

Is Richard Sherman obnoxious? You could say he is, but Seattle is fortunate to have a player like him who has dedicated himself to doing what he can to help his team win. As a 49ers fan I wish we had him, but we don't. That's just life and football. Sherman is a damn good player without question. In fact, he may may go down as one of the best ever before he's done. The last time I saw one player, a corner shut down an entire side of the field, I was watching Deion Sanders. In his day Sanders was a devastating corner and play maker who rarely if ever got burned. Sherman is this generations' version of Deion Sanders. He may be a pain in the rear, but again that's his job and he does it very well. I may not subscribe to what he said to Michele Tafoya in the post game interview, but again it's Richard Sherman just being himself. There is a reason his teammates love him. Sanders in his day was one player the opposition had to game plan around. So is Sherman. If the 49ers didn't somehow know that before they sure as hell know it now.

The Seattle Seahawks sent a loud and clear "In Plain English" message not only to the 49ers this past Sunday night but also to the rest of the NFL. The message was "We are for real, take us lightly at your own peril". I can unconditionally guarantee 29 other NFL teams got that message loud and clear. Crystal Clear!!!

The Other Side of the Coin- As for the 49ers, I feel they will be fine. This was one game in played in Week 2 of a 16 game schedule. This was however NOT a playoff game, NOT the NFC Championship, and certainly NOT the damned Super Bowl either. Did the loss hurt? Yes it did. Most beat downs like that do. As the old adage goes, "It's not that you get knocked down, it's how you get up (and respond)." The 49ers are much better team than they showed Sunday and they will get back on the winning track. The 49ers will have ample opportunity to not only redeem themselves, but also thrive while doing so. Even the Seahawks are smart enough to know this. What happened Sunday was a combination of not cashing in early opportunities on top of a comedy of errors against a very good and strong football team. The 49ers did not get to the Seahawks early when they needed to. The end result was they did not get to Seattle at all. Not one player or play lost the game, the team as a whole lost the game.

Anger Management- If the 49ers are angry, they should be. In fact they should be as mad as hell. However at the same time the 49ers need be smart too. There is no need for them to dwell on this. Just put this away and get ready for Indianapolis at Candlestick on Sunday. However, the anger the 49ers feel now can be used as the fuel that will light a fire under the team. Seattle got their undivided attention, now it's time to take all that anger and emotion and turn it into what will fuel their season. The 49ers have no reason not be motivated from this point forward, and they still have the team to get the job done. It's now a matter of getting at it at practice as well as on the field each game day. Bring the hard hat and the "A Game" with a ton of hunger and passion each and every game day. There is no reason not to. The 49ers need to take the attitude that they are from this point playing with house money. This will allow them to open up their game and allow them to do what they do best as a team in all phases of the game. Going forward 49ers, just go out and play football and have fun. It's the only thing you need to do.

As for the Seattle Seahawks- I can only say the obvious. Good job last Sunday and congrats on the big win. You earned it and with that our respect. We tip our caps to you and applaud your efforts on Sunday. We will see you at Candlestick Park on December 8th, 1pm Pacific Standard Time. Don't be late.

What Didn't Happen in Seattle Sunday (or Monday)- The following things did not happen in Seattle Sunday after the game or at anytime on Monday either. 1) As the clock wound down to 0:00, blue and green ticker tape did not fall from the sky. 2) A stage and podium did not roll out onto the field at Century Link Stadium with Commission Roger Goodell and the Lombardi Trophy in hand. 3) No T-Shirts were printed that said "Seattle Seahawks World Champions". There are none in existence unless someone takes a Sharpie to a T-Shirt and writes it on there. 4) Richard Sherman did not tell Michele Tafoya he was going to Disneyland. 5) Unless somehow we all just missed it or it was done in private, there was No Parade or anything resembling a parade in downtown Seattle Monday (or at anytime this week for that matter). Seattle has a great team, period. As for the 2013 NFL Season, who knows how it will turn out. But please keep in mind Seattle did NOT win the Super Bowl Sunday. If they think they did or they think they are a mortal lock, that's at their own peril.

Finally, most Seahawks fans are good football fans and this will not apply to the vast majority of them at all. However, they also have band wagoners or fans that can be obnoxious too. I've heard from a few this week both on Twitter and even Facebook. The best way for 49ers fans to deal with this fringe Seahawks fans (again NOT the true ones) is to remind them of the ring count. Last I checked it was 49ers 5, Seahawks 0. To give these fringe fans yet even more perspective, the franchise that joined the NFL with Seattle back in 1976, the Tampa Bay Buccanneers won the SuperBowl in 2002. This ofcourse means they also have a ring too. Seattle appeared in the SB 40, but lost to Pittsburgh on a day when Ben Roethlisberger was just 9 of 26 passing. If the fringe fan fires back (and some will) as saying "Oh, your just living in the past...blah blah blah, etc etc..." just kindly remind them that history does not lie and is only based on a series of events which are factual and have taken place. Once they pause (and they always do), I just finish the conversation with this..."...just talking facts. Call us when you win a ring. Have a nice day". Thus Endeth This Discussion.

Kingshark Line- KC @ Philly:  Head Coach Andy Reid returns to Philadelphia where he was the Eagles coach for 12 seasons. For the first time ever, he will be leading the visiting team into Lincoln Financial Field as the top man for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are 2-0 and already have matched their win total for the 2012 season. The men in red know they only way they can move is up. Alex Smith & Company did just enough as the Chiefs handled the Cowboys at Arrowhead last Sunday. Philadelphia meanwhile lost to the San Diego Chargers as the Eagles defense let Philip Rivers have a field day at their expense. Michael Vick did enough things well to win the game with the offense. The Eagles defense just didn't uphold their end of the bargain. If they don't do their jobs this time, Head Coach Chip Kelly will have some explaining to do. Coach Kelly had better have a speech prepared too. Reid has only been gone less than seven months, but he also has forgotten more about the Eagles then Kelly knows at this point and time (with all due respect to Coach Kelly. This is NOT a knock on him. This is just a bad match-up for Philly right now). Chiefs 26 Eagles 17.

The Kingshark

PS: The Pick of the Chiefs over the Eagles in No Way is a reflection of my preference of Barbecue over Philly Cheese Stakes. I enjoy them equally as both are awesome.