Helpless in Seattle- If the 49ers had to take a vote right now where they could return the Seattle Seahawks back to the AFC West, the vote would be unanimously in favor of it. The 49ers came into century link field Sunday Night with hopes of avenging a 29 point beat down to the Seahawks at this facility last December. Nine months later, the 49ers left Century Link field hoping it will be at least another 12 months before they have to set foot in this house of horrors again. The Seattle Seahawks from late in the second quarter and throughout the second half again just completely owned the 49ers on their home field in won in a rout for the second straight season, this time by 29-3. Very few things if any went right for the 49ers in this contest. Not only did the 49ers lose this contest, but also lost Ian Williams possibly for the year with a broken ankle. Eric Reid was lost with a concussion and Vernon Davis left the game with a hamstring injury.

Offensive Woes- Colin Kaepernick had arguably his worst game as a professional with three interceptions, all of which would lead to Seattle scores. Anquan Boldin who had 13 catches against Green Bay a week ago was held to just one catch in this game and was a non factor all evening. The rest of the 49ers receivers did not fare much better. The running game was Kaepernick who gained 87 yards. The rest of the running game of Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter was held to a net combined 13 yards. It seemed the Seahawks were just ready for anything and everything the 49ers called. The 49ers best chances for a touchdown all evening came twice, once in the first quarter after a blocked punt. The 49ers managed to get to the Seattle five yard line before Kaepernick threw an interception on a third down play. In the third quarter on the 49ers only scoring drive of the game (when trailing 12-0), Kaepernick did not spot a wide open Quinton Patton in the far right of the end zone on third and goal. Phil Dawson kicked a 21-yard field goal on the next play. In the second quarter, with the 49ers pinned new the Seahawks end zone, Bruce Miller was called for holding in the end zone giving Seattle a 2-0 lead on the automatic safety.

Defense Did What They Could- This loss cannot really be hung on the defense per se though they made their share of mistakes too. For the most part they did as well as they could given the circumstances the offense often place them in. The length of time they spent on the and the short fields they were put in by offensive failures led to their demise. On the first Seattle touchdown, Marshawn Lynch basically all but walked in from 15 yards out as they 49ers were not able to come close to him and were showing noticeable signs of being gassed. Once the game got out of hand and the end result would be somewhat obvious, the defense did what they could just to finish the game. There really is not much else the could do.

Penalties- It was a penalty filled game and in the first half the 49ers were the beneficiary of a lot of calls that went against the Seahawks. However the 49ers failed to cash any of those opportunities in and it would prove costly. The 49ers also had troubles with the yellow flags themselves. Seattle's second touchdown drive in the third quarter was aided by the 49ers drawing two penalties for 55 yards. The second touchdown by Marshawn Lynch put the game well out of reach.

Seahawks- Russell Wilson did not have his best game. As it turned out, he would not need it either. He was only 8 of 19 passing for 142 yards. The game swung in Seattle's favor for good early in the third quarter when on a 3rd down and four yards to go, Russell rolled out of the pocket and hit Doug Baldwin with a 51 yard pass that swung all momentum decidedly in Seattle's favor. Marshawn Lynch scored all three Seattle touchdowns. The Seattle offensive line as the game wore on started to outplay and outlast the 49ers defense. The Seattle defense meanwhile made sure the only 49er that would see the ball all night was Kaeperick. The 49ers QB was forced to be one man show and ultimately this did not work out. The Seattle secondary shut down the 49ers receivers. Kyle Williams was the leading 49ers receiver with four catches for 39 yards. Richard Sherman, the defensive leader for the Seahawks not only shut down Boldin, but also about half of the field for Kaepernick. So thorough was the shut down of the 49ers offense that it looked as if they did not make any adjustments at halftime. Seattle was simply the better team again tonight, hands down and like it or not.

What To Take Away- The only good news for the 49ers is that this was just one game and one loss. 16-0 was never going to happen and won't happen for Seattle either. The 49ers will get another shot at the Seahawks when they come to Candlestick Park on December 8th. If both teams go to the post season, the 49ers don't want to see Century Link Field in January (rest assured of that). This will be a pivotal game. The Seahawks generally have as tough a time in San Francisco as the 49ers do in Seattle. As far as this game goes, there is very little to take away for the 49ers except for the fact they were soundly beaten in Seattle yet again. They need to look at the tape of this on Monday, learn some hard lessons from it. Afterward,  move on and get ready to play the Indianapolis Colts next Sunday at Candlestick. As far as Seattle goes, the 49ers simply need to forget about them until December. That is all they can do as a team. It would be the wisest thing for them to do too not to mention also in their best interest as a team going forward.

The Kingshark